8th Drive - [locked to DATS + Detective Agency] [backdated to Sept. 14th]
Hen... SHIN!
A detective you may know of by the name of Philip has been involved in some sort of altercation with Akihiro Kurata.

Philip is incapacitated in the Neon City warehouse district. Philip's partner says Kurata didn't seem to be there in person, but I'm not sure on all of the details yet.

I am en route, but unsure of what to expect when I get there. Regardless, Philip needs to be extracted immediately.

7th Drive - [accidental audio]
...oh fu-
[sound of a body crashing headlong into a dumpster]

...well, that is ONE way of making an entrance. KID! That you?

[fumbling and cursing through the trash as Ryuu can be heard climbing out]

G- ... Gaomon? What the...

You've been gone for a freakin' week!

...longer than that.

...wow, you look even grumpier than usual to be here. Impressive.


(no subject)
Hen... SHIN!
[User Terui Ryuu not found.]

[ooc - And thus, Ryuu vanishes into a puff of smoke... for a week. As do I!]

5th Drive - [audio, flipped on by mistletoe. This is why you don't leave your D-Comm laying around.]
C'mon, dude! Get out! Mingle!


A lotta chicks would-


Geeeeeeez. Y'know, you act like that, people are going to start asking question-

No. Questions!

[kicking sound]

[ooc - Bold = Mistletoe
Normal = Terui.

Also, Ken is even extra further slow from being sick. This has been a bad couple weeks month year. O_o; ]

4th Drive - [audio, locked to Philip, dated after Fate's post in soul theft ]
Hen... SHIN!
[there is the sound of a roaring engine and whipping wind, as Ryuu is obviously talking whilst driving.]


I don't know quite what we're dealing with here, so without Hidari or a Lost Driver here...

Can you lend me Luna, Heat, and Cyclone?

3rd Drive - [locked from hostiles] [backdated to soul theft, midnight-ish]
Terui here.

As I told Philip, I've been tyring to make the rounds in Neon and Junk City to cover the attack sites...

...I'm not turning up anything that hasn't already been brought to attention. It's a bit infuriating.

By all accounts though I suppose that's not going to do much good, looking at how things are turning out. If we know the perpetrator and have a good lead on who might be BEHIND it...


Of course, a problem lies in tracking either of them down. With lightposts, it's next to impossible to get a clear idea of who has been where and when, or for how long. You could be here and then halfway across the world in the blink of an eye.

2nd Drive - [locked to Philip]
...a few things.

One, we need to meet up. Trade notes on what's going on, and try to figure out what the hell we're doing here.

Two ... I really need to find a better place to stay. Gaomon's dingy little apartment is...

Unsatisfactory, to put it mildly.

Three... If I'm stuck here, I might as well do what I know. From what I've gathered off of Gaomon, the police department in Neon City is rotten and corrupt to its core. I'd have them trying to kill me in a day, most likely.

At the moment, DATS is looking like the best bet.

Still, I don't want to leave you hanging, especially without the others around. How are you holding up?

1st Drive - [AUDIO]
You have to right to be beaten senseless
My name is Terui Ryuu, a police superintendent with the Futo Police Department in Japan.

I'll be short and to the point - I have just arrived here, having just been briefed on the world by my partner, Gaomon.

I need lodging, and to speak with DATS Neon City.

No "Hi, how are you?" Geez. Kids these days. I remember when newbies would at least try to start a conversation before demandin' things...


What's with the look? I got somethin' on my face?

Don't ... ask me any questions...


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